Body of martyrd Palestinian girl Hind Rajab and five members of her family were found

The body of the Palestinian martyr, Hind Rajab (six years old), and five members of her family (her uncle Bashar Hamada, his wife, and his three children) were found today, Saturday, after the vehicle they were traveling in was besieged 12 days ago, in the Tal Al-Hawa area, southwest of Gaza City.

The Palestinian News Agency “Wafa” reported that the family of the martyr found this morning her body and the bodies of those who were in the vehicle, which was surrounded by occupation tanks in the vicinity of the “Financial Roundabout” in Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood, where members of her family immediately were martyred, except her and her cousin Lian ( 14 years).

It is worth noting that the incident of targeting Hind and members of her family shook the world, as appeals to find her did not stop after news of her completely stopped with the Palestinian Red Crescent paramedics Youssef Zaino and Ahmed Al-Madhoun, who went out to save her, as the heinous crime of execution committed by the occupation forces against them was documented through the publication of the Association.

The Palestinian Red Crescent recorded an audio recording in which the child’s voice, Layan, was heard as she was trying to tell the ambulance services what was going on around her.

She said: “my uncle, they are banging us. The tank is next to us. We are in the car and next to the tank.”

After that, the sound of a barrage of bullets was heard while Layan was screaming, Then they lost contact with her.

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