CTD concocts story on Zanibiyun Brigade

Another tall tale of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has come to light. Muhammad Mehdi, a Shia youth who has been forcibly disappeared for the past one year, has been declared a dangerous terrorist and has been arrested.

Last day a news was circulating on social media regarding Lashkar-e Zainabyun, in which the Sindh Police Department claims that they have arrested an important commander of Lashkar-e Zainabyun named “Muhammad Mahdi” after the tension in Tehran, Islamabad.

In this baseless report of the Sindh Police Department, Muhammad Mehdi has been described as a dangerous terrorist, an agent of the neighboring country Iran and the mastermind of the target killing of scholars and personalities of the opposing sect.

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has claimed that the accused involved in the murderous attack on prominent cleric Mufti Taqi Usmani has been arrested from the Soldier Bazar area of Karachi.

According to Dawn News, in-charge CTD Khurram Waris said that the arrested accused used to work for foreign agencies and used to do raking of high-value targets.

It should be noted that Khurram Waris Muhammad Mehdi was forcibly disappeared for the past one year and is an employee of Pakistan Air Force, do Air Force recruit in their organization without investigation? Mehdi’s missing person case is going on in the


Sources say that Muhammad Mahdi, who is completely innocent and has not been found guilty of any crime, CTD has concocted a fake and fabricated story to show his arrest.

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