Yemen: Our Blood Isn’t More Precious than Yours, anti-Israel Red Sea Measures to Continue

Head of the Supreme Political Council, Major General Mahdi Al-Mashat stressed on Friday that the Yemeni blood is precious, and our revenge will not expire.

Affirming that the criminal American, Zionist, and British aggression will not deter Yemen from its supportive stance for Palestine, Al-Mashat underscored the continuation of preventing Israeli ships or those heading to occupied Palestine from crossing the Red Sea.

We say to our brothers in Palestine and our people in Gaza that our blood is no more precious than yours, and we are genuinely collaborating with you against the Zionist aggression, he added

The unjustified American, Zionist, and British aggression on Yemen is a violation of all laws, and they will pay a hefty price, he affirmed.

The US and the UK launched in the first hours of Friday an aggression on several areas across Yemen, including the capital Sanaa.

Meanwhile, a million-man demonstration was held in Sanaa in condemnation of the aggression and assertion of the commitment to supporting Gaza against the Zionist barbaric genocide.


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