Zealous inhabitants of city of Auliya paid great tribute to Palestinians, Chairman MWM

Shiite News: A grand “Azadi e Palestine March” was organized by Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) Pakistan South Punjab and ISO Pakistan on Sunday in Multan.

March took the form of a rally at Ghanta Ghar Chowk through Hussain Agahi, a large number of protesters participate in the march.

Minhaj Al Quran, Muttahida Movement Pakistan and other political parties participated in the march, along with thousands of people including the leaders of religious parties.

Chairman MWM Pakistan Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari addressed the participants of the Azadi Palestine March and said that the Israelis are coward who are massacring the common people.

He questioned that where are the world champions of Human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights.

American and British soldiers are being killed in Gaza, the pharaohs of the whole world are attacking Gaza, God wants the oppressed to raise a cry against oppression.

At this time there are two types of wars going on in Palestine, one of weapons and the other of narratives. Yes, Palestine defeated Israel and America in the narrative war.

Today, the world is protesting in favor of the Palestinians. I salute those who came out in favor of the oppressed Palestine on the land of Holy Auliya e Karam.

Head of Jamiat Ulema Ahl-e-Hadith, Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, while speaking, said that where the international community has failed to stop the Israeli brutality, the Islamic countries and the Arab League have also remained silent spectators.

Vice-Chairman MWM Allama Syed Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi said in a speech in March that the rulers of Pakistan should refrain from the devilish tricks of Israel normalization, the state is only Palestine, they reject the two-state formula.

America’s hegemony over the world has weakened. The resistance and awareness of the world has broken the American fear, at this time all the nations of the world are with Palestine while the ruling class supporting Israel, the independence of Palestine is near and Israel will be destroyed.

MWM General Secretary Syed Nasir Abbas Sherazi said that the children here are standing with the children of Palestine. Worse than beasts, Americans and Europe’s face has been exposed.

Salutations to the Palestinians who exposed the true face of Europe and America to the world. Sixty days of war proved that resistance is strong.

Salute to all the children, women and men who came out for the Palestinians in Europe and America, those who make a narrative in favor of Israel in Pakistan are against the ideology of Pakistan.

South Punjab Provincial President Allama Syed Iqtidar Hussain Naqvi said that we stand with the oppressed people of Gaza.

Among the other speakers, Deputy General Secretary Saleem Siddiqui, Agha Ejaz Behishti, Qazi Nader Abbas, Maulana Tasawar Abbas ISO representative and others spoke.

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