Wrong reconciliation: Asif Zardari joins hand with Lashkar Jhangvi, murderer of Muslims

Shiite News: Asif Ali Zardari, the former president and co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, known as the king of reconciliation politics, has agreed with Shafiq Mengal, the brutal terrorist of Lashkar Jhangvi, the murderer of hundreds of Shia Hazara people, to win Balochistan in the upcoming general elections.

The notorious terrorist Shafiq Mengal, who brutally martyred hundreds of Shia Hazara citizens in Quetta and Mastung and announced to make centuries of Shia target killing, has been included in the Pakistan People’s Party, and he will contest on the sign of the arrow in the upcoming elections. The possibility of being nominated as a candidate for the National Assembly.

According to the sources, this terrorist leader Shafiq Mengal met the former President and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari in Lahore last day. The name written Mir Mahmoud Ur Rahman instead of Shafiq Mengal.

While Asif Zardari’s meeting with this savage beast involved in the brutal massacre of thousands of Shia-Sunni citizens, especially the Hazara community, is being criticized by ordinary Pakistanis, moderate personalities and human power in the People’s Party itself.
A social media user said in his message on the social networking website X that since when did the heirs of the deceased become the accomplices of the killers?

Can we add Death Squad’s Shafiq Mengal to Pakistan People’s Party by writing Mir Shafiqur Rehman? Sorry, but PPP workers consider the establishment to be the killer of their leadership.

In the query of this tweet, former federal minister and central leader of PPP Nadeem Afzal Chan wrote that is it the same Shafiq Mengal who is involved in the killing of Hazara tribe??

On this, this user further explained that not only the Hazara tribe, but also the fabric of the explosion at Shikarpur Imambargah and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine.

This is the most heinous character of Baloch nationalist fighting, mass graves and sectarianism in Balochistan since 2005.

Another social media user Muhammad Umair said in his Twitter message that Shafiq Mengal contested the 2018 election as an independent but lost, his organization name was “Difa e Balochistan”.

More than 20 eyewitnesses testified to the association of Shafiq Mengal with the mass graves in the tribunal formed under the Quetta High Court judge Justice Noor Muhammad Maskanzai to investigate the incident of finding mass graves from Tutak in 2014.

Shafiq Mengal is accused of running state-sponsored death squads in which Baloch separatists were killed.

60 people were martyred in a suicide blast at Imambargah in Shikarpur area of Sindh.

Disputes between Akhtar Mengal and Shafiq Mengal also continued. Now this person has become a part of PPP who will contest election from Akhtar Mengal area.

It should be noted that as the elections are approaching, the veils are also rapidly being removed from the ugly faces of the leaders of our prevailing political parties.

In recent days, the PML-N also given National Assembly ticket to the dangerous terrorist of Lashkar Jhangvi, Asif Muawiya.

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