Fatwa of Takfir: FIR registered against Maulvi Ehsanullah

Shiite News: A case has been registered against Maulvi Ehsanullah Naqshbandi of Jamia Madinatul Ilm Chowk Gujranwala for issuing a fatwa of takfir of Shia Muslims.

According to the details, Maulvi Ehsanullah Naqshbandi of Jamia Madinatul ilm Gujranwala issued a sectarian decree of takfir of Shia Muslims a few days ago. In which the Shia religion was declared infidel and cruel.

According to the text of the case, the Takfiri cleric also issued a fatwa that anyone who sermonize Nikah of Shiite should renew his own Nikah.
Chaudhary Sagheer Abbas, the petitioner against the Takfiri Maulvi, has demanded that the Takfiri Maulvi has insulted the Shia religion and the spirit of freedom. The lives of 7 crore Shia Muslims living in Pakistan are at risk.

The threat of sectarianism, unrest and terrorism has increased in Pakistan. Gujranwala police station has registered a case under blasphemy. All the political and religious parties of Millat Shia Pakistan have demanded the arrest of Takfiri Maulvi.

It should be remembered that many takfiri madrasahs have issued fatwas based on hatred. Even each sect has issued fatwas declaring other sects as infidels.

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