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4 US bases in Syria come under rocket attacks

The Resistance forces targeted 4 American bases in the east and northeast of Syria within 2 hours.

The attacks were carried out with a large number of rockets, most of which hit the targets.

This is the first time that 4 American bases in Syria have been targeted in a short period of time.

Despite all the defensive measures that the US has taken in Syria, the rockets have hit the targets, Al Mayadeen reported.

The news comes as Iraqi sources reported that the United States Ain Al-Assad Airbase was targeted.

In reaction to US support for the Israeli regime in the Gaza war, the Iraqi Resistance groups have repeatedly targeted the positions of American forces in recent weeks.

After the martyrdom of Resistance commanders who led the anti-terrorism fight in Iraq and Syria, the Iraqi parliament approved a piece of legislation to call for the withdrawal of American troops from the country, a demand that the US troops have yet to meet.

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