Hamas Foils Israeli Attempt to Rescue Israeli Captive in Gaza

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas resistance movement announced on Friday it has repelled an Israeli attempt to rescue an Israeli captive in Gaza.

In a statement shared via the group’s Telegram channel, Al-Qassam said it has inflicted military casualties upon the occupation troops engaged in the rescue operation, adding that the Israeli captive also died.

“Our fighters discovered a special forces unit mounting a rescue attempt and attacked it, killing and wounding several soldiers,” the statement said without specify the location of the incident.

The Israeli captive, named Saar Baruch and holding the card number 207775032, was killed during the operation, the statement added.

Earlier, Israeli media reported that an Israeli helicopter gunship mistakenly fired on a building while occupation troops were inside, killing one of the soldiers.

Meanwhile on Friday, the Israeli occupation military announced that two of its troops were killed, raising the death toll of soldiers killed in the Gaza ground battles to 91.


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