Allama Shabbir Maisami visits Nasir Inqalabi at Wali Al-Asr Hospital Qom

Shiite News: Central Secretary General of Shia Ulema Council (SUC) Pakistan Allama Dr. Shabbir Hasan Maismi reached Qom Muqadis after completing his visit to Tehran.

He visited the official of the Department of Khidmat e Zaireen (Pilgrim Service), Office of Quaid Millat Jafaria, Qom Al-Muqadis, Sayyid Nasir Inqalabi, at Wali Asr Hospital, Qom and prayed for his speedy recovery.

On this occasion, along with Central General Secretary Allama Dr. Shabir Hassan Maisami, scholars and his son Dr. Muhammad Maisami were also present.

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