UN, OIC fail to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, says Chairman MWM

Shiite News: Chairman Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) Pakistan Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari has said that the United Nations (UN) and the OIC completely failed in ending the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.
United Nation has also lost its credibility like the League of Nations, the United Nations has continuously failed to implement its resolutions, the OIC and the Arab League are also equal participants in the Israeli atrocities on the Palestinian people.

Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land is a serious violation of the United Nations Charter. Seven thousand children and women martyred, but the United Nations has not played any effective role in this massive massacre.

This time, Israel badly damaged in the battlefield, its empty hands against Hamas were swollen, to erase this fear, it kept raining tons of gunpowder on the civilians every day, but defeat was its destiny.

The Palestinian victims were in the grip of this mad wolf for four generations, but now they have received such a strong punch on the face that their bloodthirsty teeth and jaws have been broken.

If it had not the US support, it would have ceased to exist, even now Israel will not be able to stand for long in front of the persistence and determination of the Palestinians.

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