Shiite Wifaq ul Madaris starts degree of “Takashus fil Fiqah” Specialization in Jurisprudence

Shiite News: Wifaq ul Madaris Shia has decided to start the degree of specialization in jurisprudence.

The degree of “Specialization in Jurisprudence” will be issued by Wifaq, on the basis of which Islamic advisers will be able to be appointed in student banks.

In this regard, the syllabus will be released soon.

In the meeting presided over by the Chairman of Wifaq, Ayatollah Hafiz Riaz Hussain Najafi, the Ministry of Education was also requested to complete the registration process of religious madrasas soon.

And it was emphasized that the difficulties in this regard should be resolved immediately.

It was also approved to hold a meeting of the Cabinet and Majlis Ala online in the future.

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