Pro-Palestine Protest by oppressed Momineen of Parachinar targeted by Takfiri terrorists, state facilitators

Shiite News: Grand protest of the people of Parachinar against the Zionist brutalities in Palestine, momineen of Parachinar also facing the brutality of Takfiri terrorists and state facilitators since long.

In order to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians in Parachinar, a large rally was taken out from the central Imambargah under the auspices of Anjuman Hussainia, Tehreek e Hussaini and other organizations.

A large number of people participated, the participants of the rally raised slogans against America and Israel. The rally turned into a gathering in front of the Parachinar Press Club.

Secretary Anjuman Hussainia Inayat Ali Turi, Tehreek Hussaini Parachinar President Maulana Syed Tajumal Hussain Al Hussaini, Maulana Abid Hussain and others addressed the rally.

On this occasion, the speakers said that the oppression of Gaza has exposed Israel, Zionism, America, Great Britain and anti-human oppressor forces and has proved the Palestine problem to be a major problem at the global level, indispensable for peace in the world.

The international community should go ahead and resolve the issue of Palestine and Kashmir in a serious manner.

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