23rd Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Ali Nasir Safavi

Shiite News: Shaheed Ali Nasir Safavi is one of the foremost martyrs of Pakistan who was martyred on 25 November 2000 during a joint operation by Pakistani armed forces and the US-CIA along with his wife.

In our long organizational and collective life, we have seen many such people, who did not cry for resources, but based on their pain and feeling, they achieved their goals with the intention of nearness to God.

The martyr whose death anniversary is being observed today was such a painful, passionate individual, his feeling, his thought and his concern would have kept him active in the field of practice.

He never cried for resources, he never asked for luxuries. He never complained about his colleagues’ shortcomings, non-availability of resources, surrounded by difficulties, piles of problems and his own efforts, but continued on his way to achieve a set goal.

He didn’t have to make a name, he didn’t have to be recognized, he was very simple, his life was like that of a very ordinary family, although he belonged to a well-to-do landlord family.

The sole heir, the house in which he was targeted was probably an ordinary government quarter of two rooms, with adjoining rooms.

Shaheed Ali Nasir Safavi and his wife, who was to become the mother of his child, martyred twenty-two years ago in Joharabad in front of his young daughters and mother.

He was always seeking martyrdom, his life and the path he choose, was to result in a similar death. Knowingly he did not emigrate despite the insistence of his friends, he knew and perhaps even realized that emigration could save lives, but he did not want to be remembered as a fugitive.

Ali Nasir Safavi was covered with sincerity, that is why he is being remembered even after so much time has passed, his Islam is real, Imam Rahal, Islamic revolution, martyr.

His love, devotion and affection for Quaid Allama Syed Arif Hussain Hussaini and Shaheed Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi was absolutely pure and selfless, he could jump into any danger for them.

He had also proved this from his practical life. There was no one else like him. His close friends were not like him either before or after his martyrdom.

Therefore, Ali Nasir Safavi will be remembered among the youth of this nation and nation with the remembrance of his passion, sincerity, pain, feeling and sacrifice.

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