Temporary ceasefire is a victory for Islamic Resistance Bloc, Nasir Abbas Shirazi

Shiite News: The Central General Secretary of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen, Nasir Abbas Shirazi, speaking to the media on the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, said that it is a victory for the resistance, Hamas and the Islamic resistance bloc.

The United States and Israel had taken the position that if there was a ceasefire, it would benefit Hamas.
Although this is a temporary ceasefire, it is a clear victory for Hamas.

He further said that the Israeli army had claimed that we will eliminate Hamas, decolonize Gaza and free the hostages, but the Zionist army failed in its ambitions.

Israel has not succeeded in any plan, Israel has been defeated on every front and the Islamic resistance bloc has won.
Nasir Abbas Shirazi said that Israel was forced to resolve the issue at the negotiating table.

The majority of those who were released are from Palestine, and the public’s excitement and enthusiasm for their release is visible.

He added that this is the success of not only Hamas but the entire resistance bloc.

Meetings of Hamas leaders in Lebanon and meetings with the Iranian ambassador show that the resistance bloc is united and fighting against the enemy.

Israel will fail to subdue the Palestinians on the diplomatic front, soon the world will see that the Palestinians will have complete success and victory.

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