Thai foreign ministry says 12 nationals entered Israel

We have received the following statement by Thailand’s foreign ministry:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand has been notified by the Royal Thai Embassy, Tel Aviv, that 12 Thai nationals who were held hostage have been released, and have entered Israel via the Rafah Border Crossing. They are being transported to the processing point at Hatzerim Air Force Base. At this time, the gender and names of these Thais are not known.

“The 12 Thais will be taken to Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), where they will be met by Embassy officials. They are required to be under medical supervision for a period of 48 hours, without access to outsiders.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand sends its heartfelt congratulations to these 12 Thai nationals and their families, and will do all possible to expedite their return to Thailand.

“The Royal Thai Government expresses its thanks to all from whom it sought assistance in securing the release of these first hostages, namely the Governments of Qatar, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, and the ICRC. It is our deep hope that all remaining hostages will be taken care of, and will be safely released at the earliest opportunity.”


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