Decision to return refugees including Shia Hazara was made in haste, Arbab Liaqat Hazara

Shiite News: President Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) Quetta Arbab Liaqat Ali Hazara opposed the recent decision of the caretaker government and said that the caretaker government made a big decision regarding Afghan refugees without taking political parties, democratic forces and the nation into confidence.

He said that migrants should be sent away with dignity under international law. In this way, sudden decisions will create hatred between nations.

Arbab Hazara said that I am not in favor of sending anyone in such a way that everyone should be settled here.
The caretaker government’s job was to hold elections, they are not even accountable to the people.
Allama Hashim Mosvi has also raised this issue before the Army Chief.

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