Israeli-funded Pakistani, Arabic media active for Shia-Sunni division

Shiite News: After the 40-day-long Hamas-Israeli war, the complete failure of the illegitimate Zionist government’s nefarious ambitions and goals, and after the international community’s massive protests against Israeli atrocities, regardless of color, caste, religion, and creed, have continued throughout the world. The global colonial powers changed their strategy.
The international media, especially the Western and Arab news agencies and the Israeli-funded newspapers and news channels in Pakistan, have been calling for the elimination of Israeli cowardice and the global protest gatherings that have been going on for one and a half months on behalf of the proud nations around the world.
While the Saudi official news agency Al-Arabiya has stepped up efforts to denigrate Iran’s role in the Israel-Hamas war, especially the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, on the other hand, Iran International, a newspaper published from London, and Express, a well-known daily in Pakistan, have reported on Saudi aid. They have also started resorting to such fake news.
In this war, the successes of Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Islamic Republic of Iran through joint military actions and strategies humiliated Zionist state.
Now, in order to counter this situation, in the first step, Israel has released its first secret agents in the world, who were masked in the Muslim Ummah, on the media so that they support Israel and condemn Hamas and the oppressed Palestine as criminals.
In the second phase, the Israeli think tank has tasked all such media houses on its payroll to convince the world through their reporting that Israel has defeated Hamas and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in the recent war.
In a recent meeting with Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Iran, he refused to provide financial and armed support to Hamas because the action of October 7 was a personal act of Hamas and there was no prior consultation with Iran, so we have nothing to do with this war.
The Owner of Iran International newspaper is a Saudi citizen banned by the Saudi government.
The newspaper has been engaged in ISIS and Takfiri propaganda since 2016 and is owned by Adel Abdul Karimi, a man expelled from Saudi Arabia.
This person Adil cannot even go back to Saudi Arabia because he accused the Saudi government that the financial support of his newspaper Iran International comes from Saudi Arabia.
This newspaper has only one job to spread fake news to divide Muslims and later work on Israeli and American agenda.
Its founders were two Americans who worked for the Israeli lobby.
It should be noted that @MarioNawfal, who spread the news on social media denying the support of Hamas in the war planned by Iran International against Ayatollah Khamenei, is a Zionist agent and his job is to spread hatred among Muslims.
All proofs and evidence are served
Zionist government's
In fact, all these lies are being fabricated so that the Muslim Ummah stands side by side in favor of the oppressed Palestinians against Israeli atrocities, and the Muslim Ummah is divided in the name of Iran and Hamas in the name of Shia and Sunni. A common effective voice raised around the world should be abolished.
It should also be noted here that the so-called journalists associated with a private TV channel, who are known as Faizullah, are responsible for the sexual gratification of Mujahideen in Afghan Jihad belonging to Jamaat-e-Islami.
They are also busy spreading some similar rumors that Iran has thrown Hamas into a blind well and has retreated.
While the world knows that the leader of the revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, said in an address to the nation after the attack on October 7, “I kiss the hands of the Mujahideen who attacked Israel,” the head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, said in Tehran a few days ago.
On the other hand, the commander of Al-Qassam Brigade, Abu Ubaydah, and the mastermind of this war of Hamas, Muhammad al-Zaif, repeatedly in their interviews and statements, have expressed their gratitude for the military assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
While since October 8, Hezbollah itself has been engaged in attacks on Israel from Lebanon, in which dozens of its Mujahideen have been martyred.

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