Reports of some 200 people blindfolded, interrogated and taken to unknown areas

The Israelis are resorting to causing as much destruction as they can. An entire building – the specialised surgeries building – being completely damaged from inside, in addition to blowing up a warehouse for medicine and medical equipment inside the hospital.

The Israeli military literally tore it apart – all the partitions, all the walls between the rooms – and all the medical equipment inside the building have been completely destroyed.

There are reports of some 200 people being blindfolded and interrogated and taken to unknown areas; their fate is unknown. According to eye witnesses inside the hospital we spoke to, they said [Israeli troops] started with 30 people who were stripped of their clothes, and taken to the courtyard of the hospital. More people were taken after interrogation, blindfolded and put into groups.

Unfortunately, this failure in confirming [their allegations of Hamas presence in the hospital] just resulted in causing massive destruction in the hospital and renewed attacks on its building and redeploying troops at the gates of the hospital from all sides. All of this is happening under heavy cover of air strikes and tank shells around al-Shifa hospital and Gaza centre.


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