Sweden’s open hostility to Islam

Shiite News: Once again, the Holy Book was burnt in front of one and a half billion people of the world. That too in the 21st century and coincidentally in a country that considers itself one of the most important centers of peace, human rights and democracy in the world.

The act of burning the Holy Quran in Sweden on the very day of Eid al-Adha is a sign of deep enmity and hatred, which is also a very provocative act.

The ironic aspect of this incident is that several times the desecration of the Holy Quran has been carried out in front of the Swedish police, as if the police were there to protect the person who burned the Holy Quran so that no one would do any harm to him.

This time the accursed person who desecrated the Holy Quran is a dual citizen of Iraq and Sweden.

The name of this 37-year-old cursed person is Selvan Mamika. He carried out the attack in front of the Jama Masjid in Stockholm city center in Medivur Square, in front of around 200 people.

A large number of people present there were also objecting against this heinous move. The Swedish police initially did not allow the man to protest in front of the mosque, but later the court ruled in his favor and called the desecration of the Holy Quran a guarantee of freedom of expression and democracy.

Moreover, the court also ordered the police to be present at the crime scene to protect the accused. However, the Swedish police had also adopted an ambivalent attitude. All this has happened in a country where 600,000 of its 10 million people are Muslims.

The Swedish police warned on the one hand that the above-mentioned move could create problems for the country’s foreign policy, but also explained that burning the Holy Quran is not such a big move that protests are not allowed for it.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Hjalmar Ed Kristersson, gave an ambiguous statement and said that the police have the authority to make the final decision about the protest on burning the Holy Quran.

Thus, he acquitted himself and got rid of condemning this sad incident and adopted such a style that his support was not shown. For this reason, he also called this tragedy “legal” and also said that not every legal action is necessarily appropriate.

The US State Department has described the desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden as disturbing and insulting, but has made no mention of its potential impact and hurt feelings of Muslims around the world.

On the one hand, the majority of the Western media tried to ignore this tragic event and make it seem insignificant.

Second, the limited media that reported the incident made the person who desecrated the Holy Quran appear to be an Iraqi in a very meaningful way.

Similarly, these media described the throwing of stones at the cursed person by some people as a wrong and extreme act.

Some Turkish media have called on the government to oppose Sweden’s membership in NATO in return for this humiliating move. The demand was made in a newspaper considered to be left-wing and close to Abdullah Gul, Ahmad Dawood Oglu and Ali Baba Jan.

The American and European Union rulers have mysteriously kept silent when the sentiments of Muslims around the world have been hurt.

While we see that the holy book of Christians or Jews has not been burnt in the western world till today and there has been no incident of desecration of them.

As if the West’s standards of human rights related to religion are ambiguous. Under these double standards, if there is a problem of insulting Islamic holy places, it is justified under the guise of freedom of expression and human rights, but when it comes to the holy places of other religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, then refraining from provocative actions against the followers of these religions.

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