Pleasure of God should be kept in mind while performing Hajj, Maulana Ali Naqvi

Shiite News: Under the auspices of Jafaria Hajj Foundation, a training session for Hajj pilgrims was held at Mahfil Murtaza PECH Society, Kashmir Road.

Addressing the training session Maulana Muhammad Ali Naqvi said that during hajj such rituals are of utmost importance with which God and His Messenger (PBUH) are pleased.

All matters should be done with seriousness, consciousness and wisdom, the pleasure of God should be kept in mind while performing Hajj affairs and avoiding everything such as lying, Misbehavior and things that cause God’s displeasure.

Maulana Muhammad Ali Naqvi further said that there are separate problems for men and women for the Hajj, which need to be understood, so we have to examine all the issues, especially the obligatory, mustahab and sunnah standards.

He further said that pilgrims are guests of Allah and they have to respect the laws in Saudi Arabia so that the dignity of the country is restored. A large number of women and men participated in the ceremony and a detailed discussion on Hajj affairs was held.

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