Mothers, sisters of Pakistan urged to raised voices against imported government

Shiite News: The Central President of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen, Women’s Department, Syeda Masooma Naqvi, said in her message on the occasion of the arrest of Quaid Wahdat Allama Raja Nasir Abbas that today, on the occasion of the blessed birth of Imam Hussain (AS), that Quaid Wahdat is a true follower of Imam Hussain.

Arrested in protest for the independence of Pakistan, the supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan, the integrity and independence of Pakistan, the release of missing prisoners, against making Pakistan a religious Pakistan and against the imported government of American puppets. By doing this, the Shia nation of Pakistan has raised its head with pride.

He said that we not only fully support this timely and wise initiative of the fathers and sisters of this nation, but we pledge in front of Imam al-Zamana (AS) that after this initiative, we are also fully willing and ready to play the role of Zainabi.

I invite all my Pakistani women to come in this movement against the oppression against the enemies of Pakistan who want to take over the government and not only do the worst damage to Pakistan but also want to make the nation of Pakistan a slave of foreign powers.

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