CTD plans to arrest terrorists

Shiite News: CTD has demanded to provide IMEI catcher for details of terrorists and criminals. The IG was requested to purchase 36 devices for auto-detecting the IME code of mobile phones.

IMEI catcher device will automatically detect the IME number of the mobile phone. According to the sources, all the details of the concerned person will be received by getting the IMEI number. Details regarding all the data inside the mobile phone will also be revealed.

According to sources, these devices will be installed at various sensitive places including CTD offices. CTD officials have sent a request to IG for purchase of modern devices.

On which IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar has sent a letter to the government to provide funds for the purchase of 36 devices.

As soon as the funds are received, the said devices will be purchased and handed over to CTD.

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