Shia-Sunni Ulemas’ chant “Labaik Ya Mahdi (A.S.)” in Holy Mosque of Jamkaran

Shiite News: The Ummat-e-Wahida delegation of Pakistani Shia Sunni scholars visited the historical mosque of Jamkaran.

A 40-member delegation of scholars, Sadats and thinkers of different schools from Pakistan is in Iran on a spiritual visit.

On the fifth day, the delegation attended the historic mosque in Jamkaran, a suburb of Qom, and performed Nawafil.

On this occasion, the Shia-Sunni scholars expressed their unity and made a chain of hands and chanted “Labaik Ya Mahdi A.S”.

The scholars said that we got spiritual peace by coming to this holy place. When the son of the Messenger Hazrat Hujjat-e-Khuda Imam Mahdi will appear, we will all be part of his army.

The delegation was told that the Jamkaran Mosque was built about a thousand years ago by the special order of Imam Mahdi AjalAllah Faraja Al-Sharif.

For centuries, this mosque has been the center of waiting Imams and the epitome of Imam Asr (AS).

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