Shia Sunni scholars left for Iran-Iraq pilgrimage

Shiite News: A 40-member delegation of Pakistani scholars, sadaats and believers, organized by Ummat Wahidah, left Islamabad for Iran. who will later settle in Iraq. Introductory meeting of Pilgrimage, Intellectual and Tourism Tour was held at Jamiat-ul-Sadiq Islamabad. From the seat, the head of Ummat Wahida Allama Muhammad Amin Shahidi said that the journey of love of scholars and Sadats will prove to be an important milestone for the intellectual and ideological training of pilgrims. He further said that all the Shia-Sunni mosques of Pakistan are united and unified and Maudt-i Ahlul-Bayt-e-Rasoool (PBUH) is the point of commonality among all the mosques. God willing, this pilgrimage of the scholars will prove to be a practical effort for the unity of the Ummah.

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