1476th Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Ali (AS): Pakistan echoes with the slogans of Haider, Haider

Shiite News: The 1476th Birth Anniversary of Maula-e-Mutaqian, Waliullah, Asadulluh, Noorullah, Yadullah, Ainullah, Wajahullah, Abdullah, Lessa Misullah, Molud-e-Baitullah, Wasi-e-Rasoolullah, Nafas-e-Rasoolullah, Spouse of Fitma Zehra Salamullah, Father of Hasnain Karimain, Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) was celebrated in every corner of the world including Pakistan with great dignity and enthusiasm on 13th Rajab 1443 AH. On this occasion, the lovers of the Holy Family of Muhammad PBUH held Millad and did firework in celebrations, and they decorated the homes, streets and Masajid wa Imambargahs with lights.

The celebrations in this regard have been started since the night of 12th Rajab. The poets and scholar paid homage to Ameer-ul-Momineen in their style while host of celebration served the people with delicious meals and sweets. Similarly, most families observed Nazar wa Niaz at their homes.

Various Organizations observed said occasion with rallies, they also chanted sky scraping slogans in this while which echoed the country with the voices of Haider, Haider. They visited to different shrines of Aulia-e-Karam to greet them the happy birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali (AS).

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