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Chalabi: US interfering in Iraq elections

Head of Iraq’s Accountability and Justice Commission says the US interferes in the war-torn country’s electoral process.  Ahmed Chalabi has…

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On the day of prophet Mohammad martyrdom: Muslims rally in Norway against Prophet’s caricatures in Norwegian daily

About 3,000 people have marched through downtown Oslo in protest of the printing of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad…

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Muslim across the world Commemorates martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) and Imam Hassan (AS)

Muslims around the world on Saturday observed the martyrdom anniversary of the Prophet of Islam Mohammad al-Mustafa (SAWW), who left…

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California’s Shias Statement Condemning Shia pilgrims attacks

The Shia Muslims of Costa Mesa, California has issued an statement Condemning Shia pilgrims attacks in Karbala(Iraq) and Karachi(Pakistan)  …

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Sheikh Zakzaky marks the Arbaeen (40 days) Commemoration of Imam Husain (AS).

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky marks the Arbaeen (40 days) Commemoration of Imam Husain…

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Yemen conference fails to achieve much

An international conference has been held in London to discuss a solution to the Yemen crisis amid ongoing tension in…

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Israeli – Nigirian Attempt to Assassinate Zakzaky Fail Again!

In  a blind desperation, combat ready convoy of three vehicles comprising military with a personal tinted car being escorted, on…

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Islam has answers to Problems facing humanity, Sheikh Zakzakys

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria delivered a lecture exclusively to the conference participants at Multipurpose Youth Center …

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Most Danes Reject Reprint of Prophet Mohammed Insulting Cartoons: Poll

A vast majority of Danes agree with the Danish media’s decision to refrain from reprinting insulting caricatures of the Prophet…

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Islamic State Shall Exist in Nigeria-Sheikh Zakzaky at a Public Lecture in Katsina

Leader of Islamic Movement, Sheikh Zakzaky delivered a public lecture in the ancient city of Katsina on Saturday night attended…

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