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Middleeasteye: The dangers of forgetting Syria’s refugees

Aid cuts and distraction of the war in Ukraine mean ever-worsening conditions for Syria’s 6.6 million refugees. Western governments have,…

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Thai women forced into sex work in UAE recount ordeal, seek assistance from homeland

Several Thai women are revealed to have been duped into prostitution in the United Arab Emirates after being urged to…

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‘Israel’ Afraid of Hezbollah Border Billboards Illustrating Readiness to Liberate Al-Quds

The Zionist media outlets concentrated on the events marking Al-Quds International Day this year, considering that the unity of the…

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Syria says reserves right to respond to Israel, Turkey, US aggression

Syria says it reserves the right to respond “by appropriate means” to occasionally-deadly attacks by the Israeli, Turkish, and American…

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Russia warns about threats of Israeli settlement plans in Syrian Golan

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya has once again denounced Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights, stating…

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US occupation forces providing logistical, military support to Daesh terrorists in Syrian Desert: Report

Amid Washington’s attempts to further cement its foothold in Syria, US occupation forces deployed in the strategic al-Tanf region, near…

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Turkey Launches a Military Offensive in Iraq

Turkey’s Defense Ministry announced that Ankara has launched a major cross-border military offensive against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants in…

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Daesh vows ‘revenge’ attacks in Europe over killing of former leader

The Daesh terrorist group has vowed “revenge” over the killing of its former leader, urging supporters to take advantage of…

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UAE wishes Israelis happy passover hours after Al-Aqsa raids

The United Arab Emirates wished the Israelis a “happy Passover” and a “holiday full of peace and love” hours after…

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Syrian air defenses intercept hostile targets in Damascus

The air defense of the Syrian army countered airstrikes launched by the Zionist regime in Western Damascus, shooting down most…

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