Middle East

Turkish parliament extends Iraq, Syria military operations

The Turkish parliament on Tuesday extended the Turkish army’s overseas operations in Iraq and Syria for another two years. The…

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United Arab Emirates Air Force Head in Zionist Entity for Military Exercise

The United Arab Emirates’ Air Force Major General Ibrahim Nasser Mohammed al Alawi touched down in the Zionist entity for…

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US continues to plunder Syrian oil from al-Jazeera region

A convoy of US occupation vehicles laden with stolen Syrian oil has left the Syrian territory heading for northern Iraq…

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Syrian army troops block US convoy in Hasakah, force it to return

A US military convoy has been forced to retreat from an area in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah after government…

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Pentagon claims US airstrike kills al Qaeda senior leader in Syria

Pentagon claims that a US airstrike in Syria killed a senior leader of al Qaeda Friday, according to U.S. Central…

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China condemns terrorist attack in Damascus, Syria

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday strongly condemned the terrorist attack in the Syrian capital Damascus, which killed and wounded…

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Syrian President, UAE Crown Prince confer on bilateral relations

SANA news agency reported on Wednesday night that the Syrian President had a telephone conversation with UAE Crown Prince on…

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At least 13 killed in Damascus bus blast

At least 13 people were killed and three wounded when a bus carrying soldiers was destroyed in an explosion in…

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Bahrainis protest normalization with Israel, voice support for political inmates

Hundreds of people in Bahrain have once again staged demonstrations to protest against the Manama regime’s normalization of ties with…

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US withdrawal from Afghanistan signals its decline: Syrian President

The Syrian President stressed that the developments in the region, especially the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, show…

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