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Syrian military force martyred in terrorist attack on Idlib

Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria on Sunday reported 3 terrorist attacks on Syria during which a Syrian military force was…

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Two rockets targeted US base in eastern Syria

Two rockets targeted a US patrol base in northeastern Syria but did not result in any injuries or damage to…

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Turkish fighter jets continue to attack northern Syria

News sources reported that Turkish fighter jets attacked the positions of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Forces (SDF) on the border…

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Turkish President vows to launch 4th illegal ground operation in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to launch the country’s fourth illegal ground operation in Syria “soon.” Erdogan made…

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Russia deploys military reinforcement to bases in eastern Aleppo

Russian military deploys reinforcement military vehicles to the Sarin base in the southern countryside of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) and the…

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Turkish warplanes attack US center for training Kurd fighters

Turkis warplanes delivered an airstrike at a US center for training Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in…

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Lebanese, Saudi World Cup fans refuse talking to Israeli reporters: ‘It is Palestine!’

The Israeli apartheid regime has been once again snubbed in sporting events as Lebanese and Saudi youths refused to speak…

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Turkish airstrikes hit several towns, villages in northern Syria, Iraq

The Turkish military has conducted a series of airstrikes across the Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Hasakah, targeting several towns…

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Four Syrian soldiers killed in fresh Israeli aggression in coastal districts

Syrian air defense units have managed to intercept and bring down separate barrages of missiles launched by the Israeli military…

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US pressuring Oman to open its airspace to Israeli planes

The US administration is pushing the Omani government to follow Saudi Arabia’s lead and allow Israeli planes to use its…

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