Iraqi protesters demand MKO expulsion

Iraqi protesters in the north of the country have called for the expulsion of anti-Iranian terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization…

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Several Shia Martyred and wounded in Iraq’s violence

An Iraqi government employee was shot dead and four Iranian pilgrims were wounded in a gunfire and a bomb attack…

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Ayatollah Sistani Praises Pivotal Role of Imam Khamenei

Senior Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani in a meeting with Iranian political figures stressed and lauded the important and…

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Salehi from Baghdad: Iraq Security Important to Iran

Iranian caretaker Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Wednesday that Iran attaches importance to Iraq’s security and independence, expressing Tehran’s…

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Six mortars hit US base in central Iraq

Six mortar shells were fired on Monday at the US base north of Hillah, the capital of Babil province, Aswat…

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Militants attack police office in Iraq

A car bomb attack has targeted a police intelligence office north of the Iraqi capital, leaving a man killed and…

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Iraqi officer, driver killed in Baghdad

A high-ranking police officer and his driver have been killed in Baghdad to become the first victims of Iraq’s ongoing…

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Bahrain Shia Ulema Assembly Condemns Insult to Grand Ayatollh Sistani

Strongly condemning recent outrageous remarks against grand Ayatollah Sistani, Bahrain’s Shia Ulema (scholars) Assembly said the remarks were out of…

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Bomb blasts kill 2, injure 18 in Iraq

As violence continues in different parts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a series of blasts have killed two civilians and…

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‘Saudi Arabia supports terrorism in Iraq’

Several Iraqi authorities have accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorist attacks in the war-wrecked country, which run by the Shia-led…

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