Iraq: Two Shia pilgrims martyred in Baghdad

A roadside bomb martyred two Shia pilgrims, who were walking to the holy city of Karbala, southwest of the capital,…

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Multiple bomb attacks martyrs 23 Shia pilgrims in Iraq

At least 23 Shia pilgrims have been martyred and dozens more injured in a string of bomb attacks across Iraq…

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Iraq car bomb blast wounds 15 Shia Afghan pilgrims

A car bomb wounded 15 Shia Afghan pilgrims on their way to the holy shrine cities of central Iraq early…

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60 Shia pilgrims martyred in Iraq

 More than 60 Shia Muslims were martyred in Iraq on Thursday in the separate incidents of terrorism and bomb blast…

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80 Shia Muslims Martyred, Injured in Baghdad Four Blasts

At least 21 people have been martyred and more than 60 injured in four bombing attacks in the Iraqi capital…

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8,000 US troops remain in Iraq

Some 8,000 US troops have remained in Iraq despite Washington’s plan for the complete withdrawal of US forces by the…

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Sadr calls for peace, unity among Iraqis

Head of Iraq’s Sadr movement Muqtada al-Sadr has called for peaceful coexistence among all Iraqis nearly one week after US…

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56 Shia Muslims martyr in Iraq violence

A wave of apparently co-ordinated bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 56 Shia Muslims out…

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8 terrorists arrested in holy city of Karbala

Eight terrorists were arrested with terrorism charges in the holy city of Karbala, Commander of Mid Euphrates Operations announced here…

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Ashura ceremony held in world, Iran

Shia Muslims observe the day in mourning for Imam Hussein (PBUH) and in remembrance of his martyrdom. In Iran, Iranians…

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