US fully withdraws from Afghanistan, officially ending 20 years of occupation

The United States has fully withdrawn its forces from Afghanistan to officially end 20 years of occupation. The final US…

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Taliban says US defeat in Afghanistan ‘big lesson’ for other invaders

The Taliban group says the defeat of the United States in Afghanistan is a “big lesson for other invaders,” hours…

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Rockets fired at Kabul airport after US drone strike against potential Daesh threat

As many as five rockets have been fired at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul after the United States…

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9 members of Afghan family, including 6 kids, killed in ‘preemptive’ US attack on Kabul

An initial fatality figure emerges from, what was earlier described as, a preemptive US drone strike in the vicinity of…

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500,000 refugees could flee Afghanistan: UN

Half a million refugees could flee Afghanistan by the end of this year, the United Nations has said, as the…

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US forces blow up CIA’s ‘Eagle Base’ in Kabul: Report

The US military has destroyed the final Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) base in Kabul, as it is preparing to leave…

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US drone attack ‘kills’ ISKP planner in Afghanistan

The United States has announced that it carried out a drone attack in eastern Afghanistan against a “planner” of an…

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Taliban ‘planning to establish inclusive caretaker government’ in Afghanistan

The Taliban say they are planning to establish an inclusive caretaker government in Afghanistan that would include leaders from all…

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90 Aghan civilians, 13 US service members killed in Kabul attack claimed by Daesh

Scores of Afghan civilians and at least 13 members of the US military have been killed and many more injured…

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Massoud, Taliban Agree to Not Fight Until Next Round of Talks

Supporters of Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the resistance front against the Taliban, and Taliban representatives held their first meeting…

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